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A label that documents quality:

Quality Label

Quality Label

The EHPA Quality Label was created in order to ensure a consistently high level of quality among heat pumps. The European Quality Label defines technical, design-related and service-specific quality guidelines for heat pumps, thereby ensuring a high level of energy efficiency and reliability in heat pump systems.

Minimum efficiency values

In order to be awarded the EHPA Quality Label, the following coefficients of performance (COPs) must be achieved by the heat pumps (information as at 1 January 2011):

For heat pumps that use working materials with a GWP value below 150, the coefficients of performance (COPs) stated above are reduced by 15 per cent.

Quality Label and funding

The market incentive programme (MAP), which offers attractive funding for heat pumps, includes those heat pumps that have been awarded the EHPA Quality Label. The programme is handled by the responsible German Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA), with most of the Ecodan heat pump systems featured in the list of heat pumps that qualify for funding.