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Domestic ventilation


Fresh air improves the room climate and the heating effect, but that’s not all: proper ventilation prevents the risk of mould formation and is almost indispensable in the new building segment. Suitable for centralised deployment and able to supply to multiple rooms, the Lossnay room ventilation system featuring heat recovery is the ideal solution in this regard. 



Since the Lossnay ventilation system is extremely quiet in operation, it can be used in all areas. A highly efficient cross-flow heat exchanger guarantees streamlined operation. Unlike ventilation by opening windows, the heat is largely retained in the room, effectively countering the risk of mould formation. The system also makes a significant contribution to keeping heating costs as low as possible, especially when the weather is cold.



The Lossnay VL-100 decentralised ventilation unit is particularly suitable for demand-oriented ventilation of individual rooms. As well as a high degree of efficiency, it also features a smart design that was honoured with the iF product design award in 2014.