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The modern approach to hand drying

Hand dryer

Jet Towel

The Jet Towel was invented in its basic form back in 1993 – by Mitsubishi Electric. It has systematically evolved since its earliest beginnings. Today the Jet Towel represents a benchmark, the well thought-out overall performance of which cannot fail to impress users.

Drying your hands?

It’s a breeze

Conventional roller towels and paper towels soon reach their limits in places where lots of people need to wash their hands. A much more modern alternative is the Mitsubishi Electric Jet Towel. It innovatively meets the most exacting hygiene, convenience and sustainability requirements, especially in areas with a high footfall.

Always the

ideal solution

The Jet Towel is available in three series to meet all requirements in all locations: the Jet Towel Slim can be mounted on a wall or on a stand. There is also the compact Jet Towel Mini featuring a drip tray and the minimalist design of the Jet Towel Smart, with both suitable for special applications and mounting on a wall.