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App-based control



MELCloud is an app that enables its users to control air conditioning systems and heating systems from Mitsubishi Electric with ease. Ecodan heat pumps can be controlled in an intuitive and effortless manner using MELCloud. No matter whether users are on the go or on the sofa at home, they can control their settings on their PC, tablet or smartphone.

What is MELCloud?

Air-conditioning systems, heat pumps and ventilation - MELCloud makes it a breeze to control and monitor all these sytems. Whatever the time and wherever you are. This is down to the cloud technology at the heart of MELCloud.

Boasting a wide range of features, MELCloud ensures easier day-to-day operation of your systems. For example, you can adjust target temperatures, switch between operating modes and analyse historic and current trend data at the push of a button. One particularly practical aspect is the cross-system suitability of MELCloud, which provides centralised control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning at all times with a single app.

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intelligent control with MELCloud