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App-based control

WiFi adapter & MELCloud


MELCloud is an app that enables its users to control air conditioning systems and heating systems from Mitsubishi Electric with ease. Ecodan heat pumps can be controlled in an intuitive and effortless manner using MELCloud. No matter whether users are on the go or on the sofa at home, they can control their settings on their PC, tablet or smartphone. MELCloud is optimised for a wide range of units.



MELCloud  provides a well-structured overview featuring all the important controller settings of the system. The app provides round-the-clock updates  on  the  local weather conditions  and the current ambient temperature on the premises. The setpoint temperature, operating mode and fan function can be adjusted to the local conditions with ease. The MELCloud app also provides localised information, like weather forecasts and customer service contact details.

MELCloud – Flexibly control Ecodan heat pumps with the remote heating control app when you're out

The Ecodan heat pump is connected to the WiFi router via a WiFi adapter on the cylinder unit or hydrobox, thereby enabling communication with the MELCloud app.