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The indoor units in the Ecodan system



The Ecodan heat pumps consist of an outdoor module for installation outside of the building that is to be heated and an indoor module for installation inside the building. The indoor modules are available in two designs – as a hydrobox and as a cylinder unit with an integrated drinking water cylinder.



The hydroboxes are wall mounted, with ‘heating’ and ‘heating/cooling’ versions available. Different hydrobox types are used in the respective heat pump sets. They are equipped with heat exchangers of different sizes depending on the performance class.

Interior views of hydroboxes

The latest generation of hydroboxes is available with heat exchangers of three different sizes. Type D = 4-5 kW, type C = 7-14 kW. Type E is designed for use with outdoor units in the 16-23 kW performance classes.



The standard version of the new FTC5 heat pump controller is prepared for a range of uses, such as with units installed in cascades. The integrated heat quantity measurement enables straightforward energy monitoring, which is why the hydroboxes are fitted with a volume flow sensor.

Easy to use

in cascades

In terms of solutions especially for use in cascades, Mitsubishi Electric not only provides hydroboxes but also a corresponding master controller (PAC-IF061B-E) that makes it possible to control up to 6 heat pumps.