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Green solutions with heat pump

Energy certificate

Energy certificate

The German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) requires that an Energy Performance Certificate be issued in the case of new buildings or if changes or extensions are made to existing buildings. The energy certificate must be made available on request in the context of purchase, rental or leasing. This is because new tenants or owners consider the energetic value of a building to be one of the most crucial factors in their assessment of the building in question.



Since 1 May 2014,  the energy certificate has contained a new feature – in addition to the markings for the primary and final energy demand on the colour scale from green to red, the energy efficiency grade of the overall building is now included. The scale ranges from A+ to H, with the assessment based on the final energy demand and consumption.

According to calculations performed by the German Heat Pump Association (BWP), a standard building heated with a heat pump would be issued with an efficiency rating of A or A+. If the same building were to be equipped with a fossil fuel-fired condensing boiler and solar drinking water heating, it would only attain a rating of B.