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Popular technology

Heat pumps in figures

Positive trend

66,500 heat pumps were already in use in new and existing buildings back in 2016. In 2017, the number of heat pump systems sold increased by another 17 percent to 78,000. This trend resulted in part from a steady subsidies policy and the desire of many developers to invest in a future-ready heating system.

Popular solution

Air/water heat pumps

The buyers were interested primarily in air/water heat pumps. The ease of installation and constantly improving efficiency values brought these systems remarkable popularity.  As a result, 20% more heat pumps of this type were sold compared with the previous year. In all, 55,000 air/water heat pumps accounted for 71% of all systems. The remaining 23,000 were used in systems that draw energy from the ground or from groundwater. Although these normally attract higher subsidies, the overall investment in these solutions is much greater than the investment in a heat pump unit that utilizes ambient air.