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The heat pump principle

How it works


Free environmental energy is more in demand than ever as a cheap source of heat. Ecodan air-to-water heat pumps are there to make this as easy as possible to use. An innovative heating solution, they enable quick, straightforward and utterly future-proof heating.

Free energy supply

Simple and cost-effective

The basic idea is wonderfully simple: an air-to-water heat pump makes it possible to use ambient heat in the house – in a straightforward and relatively inexpensive process. This always consists of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit that are connected to one another. Available energy is collected via the outdoor unit and conveyed to the indoor unit, where it is introduced to the heating circuit and distributed within the building via heaters or underfloor heating.

Our world is full of energy

The operating principle

  1. The air delivers its energy to the refrigerant.
  2. The compressor heats the refrigerant by means of compression and transports it into the building.
  3. The working medium transfers its energy to the heating system of the building in the form of heat. 
  4. The cooled-down refrigerant flows into the evaporator, where it can once again draw energy from the air.



Highly efficient inverter technology enables an Ecodan heat pump to operate so efficiently that it normally generates around 75% of the total thermal energy required from the surroundings. Only around a quarter is required in the form of electricity for the operation of the heat pump. This means that the heat and hot water required in the building can be generated in a particularly inexpensive manner while also enabling greater independence from fossil fuels. 



The Ecodan system offers a custom-fit, fully-fledged heating solution for almost any situation in a detached or semi-detached house. With its high efficiency and made-to-measure dimensioning, it is able to reliably meet all needs relating to heating and hot water comfort. This is a priceless benefit, especially when it comes to renovating existing buildings.