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Optimum heating output in energy-saving mode

Power Inverter

Power Inverter

Typical areas in which the Power Inverter is used include new buildings and existing buildings with good insulation and large heat transfer surfaces such as underfloor heating. The outdoor units in the Power Inverter series are specially designed for use as air-to-water heat pumps at temperatures as low as -20°C. With a max. flow temperature of 60°C at an outdoor temperature of up to -3°C and 55°C at up to -10°C, they provide a high level of heating comfort.



Power Inverter compressors are perfected for efficient operation and can be integrated into bivalent systems with ease. Combination with a second heat generator is optimised in relation to various aspects (costs, CO2 saving, etc.) by way of the integrated heat pump manager.



The special Power Receiver, which is used for supercooling of the refrigerant, is combined with two individually controlled expansion valves to achieve optimum heat output in outstanding energy-saving operation.

Inverter operating principle

Inverter technology ensures that the desired temperature is reached in a quick and precise manner. This ensures that complex readjustments, large temperature fluctuations and associated loss of efficiency are reliably kept to a minimum.

Power Inverter

  • Especially for use at up to -20°C
  • Ideal for use in new buildings and existing buildings with high levels of insulation
  • Large performance range from 5 to 23 kW
  • Cascade capacity up to 120 kW