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Time for new thinking

Discover the highly efficient Ecodan air-to-water heat pumps from Mitsubishi Electric in greater detail and experience how Ecodan is creating new impulses on the traditional heating market. Provide your customers with specific solutions that enable optimum integration of a future-proof heat supply into modern architectural concepts. It’s time to rethink – and make red the new green!

Top performance as standard

Ecodan cascade solutions in property construction

Ecodan cascade solutions make it possible to enjoy the unique benefits provided by Ecodan heat pumps even in larger properties. Cascade operation is much more than an end in itself for the purpose of achieving the required performance dimensions. Intelligent control technology ensures that the Ecodan cascades always operate in the optimum efficiency range, making them far superior to a single heat generator featuring a large design – even in terms of failure safety.

Make red the new green now

The Ecodan heat pumps meet all the prerequisites for funding as part of the market incentive programme run by the German Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA). Best of all, each individual unit within a heat pump cascade is eligible for state funding: for example, a cascade featuring four units qualifies for four times the funding. This serves as another clear advantage compared with a single high-performance unit.

Our brochure provides full details on Ecodan heat pumps
for residential and property construction.

 PDF (5.6 MB)

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