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Indoor units with drinking water heating

Cylinder units


The Ecodan heat pumps consist of an outdoor unit for installation outside of the building that is to be heated and an indoor unit for installation inside the building. The indoor units are available in two designs – as a hydrobox and as a cylinder unit with an integrated drinking water cylinder.



The cylinder units are available for pure heating operation and also for reversible heating and cooling operation. Two different heat exchangers are used in the cylinder units depending on the output of the outdoor unit.

Greater efficiency thanks to

smart drinking water concept

The drinking water is heated via an external plate heat exchanger that is installed in the housing of the cylinder unit. This type of drinking water heating promises to deliver up to 17.5% greater efficiency than the previous system (in the case of water heating from 40°C to 55°C).

Permanently low-maintenance

thanks to limescale separator

The pipe layout in the Ecodan cylinder units boosts the tap performance by means of optimised layering. An integrated limescale separator featuring a space-saving volume of 0.86 litres and a large surface of 16.4 m² (stainless steel wool) protects the tank against limescale at all times and is almost completely maintenance-free.

Cylinder units

  • Integrated limescale separator featuring 16.4 m² surface
  • New pipe layout for increased tap volume
  • Heating only or reversible heating and cooling