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Reliable up to -28°C

Zubadan Inverter

Zubadan Inverter

The premium class

Whatever requirements a building might have, Zubadan Inverters deliver efficient peak performance across the entire application range. The system provides full heating output at temperatures as low as -15°C. Even at -28°C, the Zubadan heat pump still enables reliable and efficient operation.



Zubadan performance boost

The patented Zubadan Inverter technology represents the very best that the field of air-to-water heat pump technology currently has to offer. The Zubadan cooling circuit, which features an HIC super cooler and flash-injection compressor, is also able to maintain a stable refrigerant mass flow even at low outdoor temperatures.


Optimised defrosting performance

The optimised defrosting performance is another factor that contributes to the outstanding reliability of the Zubadan systems. The outdoor temperature, the surface temperature of the evaporator, the run time and the duration of the defrosting procedure are recorded as part of the intelligent logic. The intervals between the defrosting procedures can be extended to as much as 150 minutes and the duration of each individual procedure can be reduced by up to 50% compared with conventional units.



Zubadan is also the first choice in the modernisation segment. Thanks to Zubadan technology, the process of overdimensioning the system as a safety buffer for heating mode is rendered entirely superfluous. Featuring high flow temperatures of 60°C,  Ecodan air-to-water heat pumps with Zubadan Inverters are able to achieve excellent efficiency values even when used with conventional radiators.

Zubadan Inverter

  • Reliable operation up to -28°C
  • Stable refrigerant mass flow via HIC super cooler and flash-injection compressor
  • High flow temperatures of 60°C enable good efficiency values even with conventional radiators
  • Up to 50% shorter defrosting duration compared with conventional units, with significantly extended operating intervals between the defrosting procedures