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A good-quality controller is essential for ensuring uninterrupted and energy-efficient operation, with the controller often having to meet a diverse range of requirements relating to the heating system. If radiators are combined with underfloor heating in a building, for example, these heating circuits must be controlled independently of one another. In the case of a bivalent system, the boiler can be activated in accordance with various system specifications.



The FTC5 controller on the Ecodan hydrobox and cylinder unit ensures optimum results. The activation/switchover procedure is performed in a fully automated process depending on the CO2 emissions, the calculated operating costs, the outdoor temperature and external signals. Additional controller functions include heating without an outdoor unit and the screed heating programme.

Ecodan controller

  • Display

    Shows all the information.

  • Function buttons

    For scrolling through the menu and adjusting the settings. Function is defined by the menu shown on the display.

  • Power/holiday key

    When the system is switched off, it can be switched on again by pressing this key once. Pressing the key again when the system is switched on activates holiday mode. Pressing and holding the key for 3 seconds switches off the system.

  • Menu key

    Access to system settings.

  • Back key

    Back to previous menu.

  • Confirm key

    For selecting or storing.