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Ambient air as energy source

Clean heat

For many people, taking a sustainable approach to our environment has become an important part of their lifestyle. In particular, making the switch to a regenerative heating system has helped them significantly improve their eco-credentials.

The principle at a glance

The outdoor unit draws stored heat from the ambient air and transfers it to the indoor unit, where it is introduced to the heating circuit. Up to 75% of the total energy required is generated from the environment in the process, with the heat pump requiring the remaining 25% or so in the form of electric drive current.

Free energy supply

Ecodan air-to-water heat pumps use the energy from solar radiation that is stored in the ambient air. In this way, they are able to tap into an almost inexhaustible energy source. Thanks to their particularly efficient function, Ecodan heat pumps use this energy particularly well for the purpose of generating room heat and water heating. This helps preserve nature and its resources over a number of years.

When it comes to power the choice is yours.

In terms of the electrical drive energy of the heat pump, it is already possible to use electricity from renewable sources throughout Germany. This means that an Ecodan air-to-water heat pump can be 100% powered by renewable resources. With a dedicated photovoltaic system, it is even possible to produce the necessary green electricity for heat pump operation at home.